Breakfast Menu

2 eggs any style with three strips of bacon and hash browns

3 Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup ot honey

French Toast with maple syrup

2 Hot Pockets because why not

2 Nutella Filled Waffles with whip cream

Lunch Menu

Sirlion Steak

Fried Chicken with rice


Lobster Roll

One whole Alaskan Crab

1/2 Lobster

Chicken BBQ

Short Ribs

Dessert Menu

2 crepes with nutella & whip cream

2 scoops of Ice Cream:Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies&Cream, Coffee, Chocolate Chip, Thai Tea

Vanilla or chocolate milk shake

Apple or Pumpkin Pie

Creme Brulee

Chocolate chip cookies with milk

1 slice of cake