Staff Page Assignment by Frederick Barcelona

Type: Electric
Species: Mouse Pokemon
Dex No.25
Ability: Ligtning Rod

This is electric type starter Pikachu. Pikachu is an electric type that is very quick on it's feet but can be very frail and cannot take a lot of hits well. This Pokemon is the perfect starter for those who like fast Pokemon that can deal out a lot of damage in little time. If you give Pikachu a thunderstone it will evolve into Raichu. Raichu is even stronger than Pikachu and can even take hits better than Pikachu but in return, is a bit slower than Pikachu was.

Type: Grass/Poison
Species: Seed Pokemon
Dex No.1
Ability: Overgrow

Bulbasaur is a bit slower than the other starters but can tank hits better than the others. This Pokemon is grass type but is also poison type, so it has more type advantages than the others. This Pokemon learns many moves that cause status ailents such as poison and sleep so itcan also whittle dow opposing Pokemon while taking their attacks. This Pokemon evolves into Ivysaur and then finally Venusaur, a mighty Pokemon that while really slow is extremely powerful. Choose this Pokemon if you want a defensive pokemon that can retaliate back in many ways.

Type: Fire
Species: Lizard Pokemon
Dex No.4
Ability: Blaze

Charmander is a great Pokemon tha learns a variety of different moves. While frail Charmander can deal a lot of strong hits to the opposing Pokemon. Charmander later evolves into Charmelon and then after that, Charizard. Even after evolution it stays relatively the same in terms of play but also gains the flying type, which helps expands it's moveset even more. This Pokemon is great for those who want a Pokemon that can deal tons of damage by using a variety of different moves.

Type: Water
Species: Tiny Turtle Pokemon
Dex No.7
Ability: Torrent

Squirtle is the most well rounded of all the starters. It is able to deal out a lot of damage as well as take a lot of hits from the opposing Pokemon. While on the slow side, Squirtle is great for those who want a jack of all trades. Later on, Squirtle can evolcve into a Wartortle and then into a Blastoise.Blastoise is very versatile and is reliable if you want a strong, bulky Pokemon.