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<title>Random News by Frederick Barcelona<title>



<h1><b> Charter Middle School Theater Production wins five awards for Lion King     play</h1>


<p>Nobel Charter Middle School’s drama program wins five awards for it’s Lion King play</p>


<p>One person we interviewed said, “It was amazing! The actors were perfect for their roles and all the musical numbers were super catchy, but the best part has to be the set pieces, it’s almost as everything is made out of paper mache”</p>


<h3><strong>BREAKING NEWS:dog given a new home</h3>


<p>This very sweet person gives a homeless golden retriever a new home. The golden retriever’s former owner abused it and deserted it on the streets. If it weren’t for the locals giving it food occasionally the poor dog would’ve died for sure. Now after nearly 3 months the dog is adopted by a resident who just moved in. This young man says he’s raised many dogs before and seeing the homeless golden retriever broke his heart. It has been two weeks since the dog was taken into his new home and now she’s healthy and better than ever</p>