Zodiac Celestial Spirits

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In this part of my webpage you will learn about the zodiac celestial spirits

Celestial Spirits are magic beings from the celestial spirit world ruled by the celestial spirit king. The Zodiac celestial spirits are the rarest of the any celestial spirits and the most powerful.

These are the keys for each zodiac spirit

The two celestial wizards with zodiac keys, Lucy Heartfilia (left) weilding 10 of
the zodiacs and Yukino Agria (right) weilds 2 of the zodiacs

Aries the White Lamb is a zodiac owned by Lucy Heartfilia. Her previous owners were Karen Lilica and Angel and was abused by Karen until Karen was killed by Angel. Lucy got Aries' key after beating Angel and Nirvana in the Oracion Seis arc.Aries uses her signature wool bomb magic which allows her to manipulate pink wool that can distract them. She is also pretty skilled at hand to hand combat.

Taurus the Golden Bull is owned by Lucy Heartfilia and was one of her first spirits. Taurus is a care free spirit but is also somewhat of a pervert. Taurus uses an axe even though he is somewhat clumsy, he is very strong and is able to use his gigantic axe with relative ease.

Gemini the Twins are two different spirits Gemi and Mini owned by Lucy Heartfilia and previously owned by Angel. Both spirits are very mischevious and like to cause trouble. They are able of using copy magic and can transform into anyone with little effort and copy their magic but he can only hold the transformation for five minutes and they must come in contact with the person they wish to transform too.

Cancer the Giant Crab is owned by Lucy Heartfilia and is one of her first spirits. Cancer is very cool headed, not getting very emotional or hot headed . Cancer is very and can use his scissors to cut enemies (though he only cuts their hair). He doesn't really battle and instead gives haircuts to people

Leo the Lion is the so called king of the zodiacs and is owned by Lucy Heartfilia. He once went by the alias Loke when he was stuck in the human world and was once a mage in Fairytail. Loke was saved by Lucy and now resides in the celestial spirit world though he knows a lot of people from the Fairytail guild.While stuck on Earthland, he used a special ring to use ring magic but, now he uses Regulus magic which allows him to use light to fight.

Virgo the Maiden is owned by Lucy Heartfilia and was was once owned by a man named Everlue.She is very stiff and chaste in her movement and is very loyal to her owners though she is somewhat of a masochist. Virgo uses earth magic and is able to dig holes to create underground tunnels in small amounts of time

Libra the Heavenly Scales is owned by Yukino Agria. She is a very quiet spirit and is very calm and serene. Libra is able to change the gravity around her target and can change the body figure of whoever she wants.

Scorpio the Scorpion is owned by Lucy Heartfilia and was once owned by Angel. He is a trustworthy spirit and tries to act cool. He uses sand magic by shooting sand very quickly through his gun like stinger and can attack opponents from long range.

Sagittarius is owned by Lucy Heartfilia. He is very faithful to Lucy and strives to accomplish tasks he is ordered to do. He is a master archer and can shoot stuff with his bow with perfect accuracy.

Capricorn the Goat is owned by Lucy Heartfilia and was once owned by her mother along with Aquarius and Cancer, Layla. He was once possesed by Zoldeo during the tenrou island arc and was freed of his control by Loke. Capricorn is a gentlemen and will follow any orders from Lucy with little question. He is very fast and very skilled in hand to hand combat.

Aquarius the Water Bearer was owned by Lucy Heartfilia and her mother Layla. She is moody and ill-tempered and doesn't really take orders from Lucy. She gets easily annoyed and will attack both allies and enemies if she is annoyed. Her key was shattered in order to summon the celstial spirit king and Lucy and Fairytail fans cried a lot when this happened. A lot. She uses an urn and can weild water with ease she can shoot water at her opponents using her urn or she can control water around her. Lucy would always say that Aquarius was her strongest spirit.

Pisces the Paired Fish are owned by Yukino Agria. Like Gemini, Pisces is two different spirits, both are large koi fish that swim around in the air attacking opponents. Their true forms are humanoids and that of a mother and son. Although they are fish they are weak to water even though they use water magic as well.