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Magic is important to any guild and is the main way our heroes fight against antagonists.
Everyone uses different kinds of magic that have their own affects. Let's show some examples of some magic that Fairytail wizards can use.


Erza uses magic known as requip where she changes her weapons and even clothing into different kinds of armor

Erza's Heaven's Wheel armor and Japanese Cloth armor

Celestial Wizard Magic

Lucy Heartfilia uses Celestial Spirit Magic in which she uses magical keys to summon spirits from the celestial spirit world. Click Celestial Spirits to learn more about Lucy's spirits

Ice Make Magic

Gray Fullbuster uses Ice Make magic which creates objects out of ice. This gives Gray the ability to make anything he wants out of ice.
He isn't the only ice make wizard out there. Lyon Vastia from Lamia Scale also uses Ice Make magic.

Takeover/Transformation Magic

This magic is very unique. This magic allows wizards to take the soul of things they defeat in battle
allowing them to transform into them and weild their magic and powers. Regular transformation magic simply lets you transform into whatever you want.

Take over can be used by


Dragonslayers are people who can use dragonslayer arts which are powerful magic able to fight against a dragon. There are three different generations of dragons. First generation
which are dragonslayers who were taught dragonslaying magic by dragons. Second generation dragon slayers who weren't trained by dragons but infused with a lacrima that
gave them dragonslaying magic. Finally third generation dragonslayers were taught by dragons AND infused with lacrima.

    Dragonslayer Generation Element Dragon
    Natsu Dragneel First Gen Fire Igneel
    Gajeel Redfox First Gen Iron Metalicana
    Wendy Marvell First Gen Sky Grandine
    Laxus Dreyar Second Gen Lightning None
    Erik "Cobra" Second Gen Poison None
    Sting Eucliffe Third Gen Light Weisslogia
    Rouge Cheney Third Gen Darkness Skiadrum