There are so many characters in Fairytail that it would take a long time to talk about all of them,
so I am only going to talk about the five most relevant Fairytail characters.

Other great characters include Cana Alberona, Levi Mcgarden, Gajeel Redfox, Laxus Dreyar, Mirajane Strauss, Elfman Strauss, and Gildarts

Natsu Dragneel is a fire dragonslayer and has an exceed named Happy. Natsu is extremely
powerful and is the main protagonist of Fairytail along with Lucy, His main goal is to look for his
dragon, Igneel (spoilers Igneel dies sorry).
Natsu is hot-headed and dumb. He also likes to eat fire and food. He also has major motion sickness.
He is mostly shipped with Lucy or Lisanna (Natsu x Lucy is way better btw).

Natsu is has pink hair, usually wears a vest,
and his Fairytail stamp is on his right shoulder

Lucy Heartfilia is celestial wizard with ten of the zodiac keys. Lucy is also the main protagonist
along with Natsu. Lucy, like Natsu is also hot headed but at least she has
common sense. She used to be a millionaire until she ran away from home. While she
may not seem powerful, she knows one of the strongest spells, Urano Metria.
She is shipped with Natsu and Gray (Natsu and Lucy is a lot better and canon).

Lucy has blonde hair, multiple different outfits,
and her Fairytail stamp is on her hand

Gray Fullbuster is an ice make wizard who is rivals with Natsu. Gray was taught by his Master Ur along with Lyon Vastia of
Lamia Scale but, in an accident with a demon delihora, Maaster Ur sacrificed herself to save Gray and Lyon.
Gray is a lot smarter than Natsu but he tends to lose his clothes.Gray is an ice demon slayer ready to destroy
the demon END. Gray is usually shipped with Lucy and Juvia (Juvia and Gray is the best ship).

Gray has raven colored hair, usually lacks a shirt,
and his Fairytail mark is on his chest

Erza Scarlet is an S class wizard and if feared by Natsu and Gray. Erza's village wa destroyed and she was enslaved by followers
of Zeref. She is one of the best wizards in Fairytail and cares about everyone in her guild. She uses requip magic
and can use many different kinds of weapons and armor. She is very caring for others and
does whatever is best for her friends. She is also
in love with strawberry cake and if you mess with her cake, you die no questions
asked you are just dead. She is shipped with her childhood friend Jellal

Erza has Scarlet hair, has the nickname Titania, queen of the fairies,
and her Fairytail symbol is on her arm.

Wendy Marvell is a dragonslayer like Natsu who uses Sky dragonslayer magic. She used to be in
the guild Cait Shelter but is now a member of Fairytail. She is timid and shy, but wants to
get stronger so she can fight for her friends. Wendy was raised by Grandine
and has been looking for her ever since. Wendy knows a lot
of support magic but can also defend herself when she needs to

Wendy has blue hair and has an exceed named Carla,
and her Fairytail mark is on her shoulder

Juvia lockser is a water mage and is a member of Fairytail. She used to
be in the guild Phantom Lord and even fought Gray. She is madly in love with
Gray and considers anyone who touches Gray her love rival.
She is at her full strength when fighting for or with Gray. She is mostly shipped with Gray
and Gruvia is the best ship if you do not ship Juvia with Gray you should be ashamed of yourself.

Juvia has blue hair and changes her outfit changes quite a lot
and her Fairytail mark is on her leg

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